Lovisa Walin!

Morningside and track meet

Morning side:
Today before school there was a morning side, which is like going to church. It started like normal sacrament meeting and then all the boys who had gotten their mission calls got up and said where they're going and when. Then everyone who wanted to could go up and bear their testmony. It was really cool hearing my friends do that, it makes me more interested in the gospel and the LDS church. It was actually really inspiring and I don't know, maybe I was tired, but I really changed my mind about that church! It's so hard to explain the feeling I got. Because listening to people bearing their testimonies on a normal Sunday in church has never really meant something to me, but hearing so many of my friends talk about it really got to me. Don't get me wrong, I still disagree with opinions this church has but a part of me can't help but thinking that, if so many people I trust swear to me that this is real, they can't all be wrong can they? Lol I got really deep there 7.30 in the morning when I'm usually asleep. ( the picture is me trying to decide between boots or flats!)

When it was over Maddie and I went to Jamba Juice to get a smoothie before school started. For lunch I went to Johnny Carinos with my friends and after third hour I was excused because I had a track meet! It was Tiger Grizz, a big meet with lots of schools. I only qualified for the 4x800, which actually went pretty well. I was first leg and also had the fastest time in our team! And I new PR for me, 2.41. I'm getting there!! My goal is to break 2.30. The meet was a lot of fun and I bought a T-shirt! But a sad thing happened, I dropped my phone and cracked the screen a little. So annoying!!

Other fun things that happened this week: they had a Stockholm event on Snapchat, my prom dress came, Jamba had an anniversary and had free smoothies on Thursday.

Next week is gonna be busy. I wanna go see the school musical, Wizard of Oz, then track meet on Tuesday, hair dresser appointment Wednesday and then I wanna get my nails done for prom. My friends and I are doing it together! Then prom is next Saturday.


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